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Project Syndicate


With the surprising grant of sports betting licenses in October 2020, the German market has changed significantly. Among other things, the competitive situation has developed to the detriment of smaller, unlicensed providers, as these have now been declared illegal and are faced with the question of how they should continue their business.

This is where Project Syndicate comes into play – as an association of various sports betting providers and investors under a joint license and with the use of synergies and the modern Bookmaker NEXT software of the ARLAND Group, Syndicate offers the opportunity to build a strong, legal betting company within a very short time .

Who we are

Technology & Experience: unlimited opportunities

As a software developer and service provider, the ARLAND Group has more than 23 years of experience in the sports betting industry and is a neutral partner (not a competitor) of retailers and media companies. ARLAND has state-of-the-art software technology with flexible and powerful all-in-one solutions for the iGaming industry – from individual front-ends to optimized marketing and administration tools.

  • Extensive betting offer
  • Optimized Content Management
  • Flexible and intelligent marketing
  • Targeted player management
  • Static and dynamic risk settings

The aim of Project Syndicate

The goal is to enter the legal D-A-CH sports betting market quickly with relatively low investments for the individual investors.

The surprising grant of sports betting licenses in Germany in October 2020 has a strong influence on the current competitive situation – smaller providers who have operated within the framework of legal tolerance and without a license have been deprived of their legal business basis. At the same time, the regulation now taking place allows more and more media houses, stock corporations and other potential investors to turn to the sports betting market and use the enormous potential.

The Syndicate project offers precisely these, suddenly illegal, established providers and the investors who are now entering a joint, strong future: Syndicate is a company initiated by the ARLAND Group for the entire legal and operational handling of sports betting – together with interested betting providers.

The aim is to use the synergies between consumer proximity (retailers) and high media reach (media houses) to build a strong betting company in a relatively short amount of time. This will be achieved with a strong diversification approach towards new consumer target groups through gamification and innovative products.

Syndicate: Structure

Betting Company

Complete solution: license + operation + software

An operational structure is being set up with headquarters in Graz, Austria, at the headquarters of the ARLAND group of companies. Syndicate organizes all departments / organizational structures required for a betting company and submits – with its respective operative subsidiary – a license application in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (there in cooperation with a stationary casino).

Syndicate: target groups


Syndicate is ideal for all those who have been deprived of their legal business basis due to their lack of a license, for investors, for media houses who want to use their high media reach to enter the lucrative sports betting market and for all those with experience in the industry who want to create strong synergies.

  • Betting shops
  • Terminal manufacturers
  • Publishing groups
  • Individual investors
  • Investment companies
  • Family Offices


Why is Syndicate the solution?


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