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The sports betting platform for the regulated German market


With its entry into force on July 1, the State Treaty on Gambling between the 16 German federal states creates national framework conditions for the organization of gambling, including sports betting and online casinos.

Gambling has been a highly controversial topic in Germany for many years. Since the entry into force of the first German gaming contract in 2008, however, no clear regulation has been able to prevail. The legal situation with regard to gambling in Germany was therefore a gray area at best, which should finally change with the agreement of the 16 federal states on a new interstate gambling treaty at the beginning of 2020.

As a long-term partner of the gaming industry, the Arland Group is looking forward to the overdue regulation of the organization of gambling, which is created by the State Treaty. Since providers of sports betting and online casinos are now given a uniform and EU-compliant legal basis, the German gambling market can now develop in a direction that offers more security for both providers and players.

By tolerating gambling under strict regulations, the state primarily seeks to protect players. However, only an offer that is in line with the market, i.e. that the player perceives as attractive, can prevent illegal gambling in the long term. The severe restrictions imposed on the providers with regard to advertising options, deposit limits and offer could thus impair the success of legal gambling and unintentionally promote illegal gambling.

DSWV President Mathias Dahms also advocates that aspects of the State Treaty on Gambling still need to be further developed in order to eliminate problems such as the artificially limited product selection, cross-provider limits and excessive taxation. The inadequate protection of player data due to the planned cross-platform controls of payments, as well as the nationwide lock file, will probably also result in one or the other adjustment.

The Arland group of companies fully supports the goals of the new German State Treaty and actively supports its customers in entering the legal German gambling market. In order to offer betting providers the ideal conditions for a successful business, Arland’s new iGaming software Bookmaker NEXT allows the greatest possible flexibility and demand-optimized growth opportunities.

Within the scope of the Bookmaker NEXT System Platform, the parameters and services of the platform can be easily and flexibly adapted to the target market and requirements such as those of the German gambling license can be met without any problems. With the full coverage of the compliance requirements of the State Treaty, including the necessary connections to the OASIS interface, SCHUFA, etc., it is possible to offer bets legally on the German market within a very short time.

The Arland Group is characterized by its many years of experience and competence in all areas of the betting business, which enables them to offer customers support at all levels: From the technical implementation to the operational activities to consulting on the optimal corporate strategy, the Arland’s in-house experts will be happy to assist you. Thanks to this all-in-one support, companies or investors without previous experience in the betting business can also successfully enter the market. 

You can find more information on the German State Treaty on Gambling here.

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