The software for the German license – Bookmaker NEXT

Sports betting has fully arrived in digitalization. More than ever, providers need to be able to adapt to rapidly changing trends; nowadays, it is no longer enough to simply start a sports betting platform to earn money. Flexibility, compliance and the ability to grow are the future of sports betting. With growing business and experience … Read more

ARLAND supports new customers with Turnkey-promotion

While almost all major sporting events have been affected by Covid-19, the sports betting industry faces a serious challenge. The strong uncertainty in revenue makes it increasingly difficult for operators to make it through this challenging time. The ongoing corona crisis is not only affecting existing sports betting providers – it is also making the … Read more

The importance of a multi-market-strategy in times of COVID 19

With the second wave of the coronavirus, which has already led to renewed lockdowns in many countries, the challenges for the sports betting industry are entering the second round. Providers are again confronted with event cancellations, which can severely restrict the betting offer, as well as the access to local betting shops. It is therefore … Read more

3 ways to upgrade your sports betting business

A racer being maintenance inside the pit lane

After the initial growth and after a certain level of awareness has been achieved, established sports betting providers often find themselves on a plateau on which any further growth and consequently further revenue increases can only be achieved very slowly and with difficulty. But there are better ways than large marketing efforts and expensive bonus … Read more

Project Syndicate

With the surprising grant of sports betting licenses in October 2020, the German market has changed significantly. Among other things, the competitive situation has developed to the detriment of smaller, unlicensed providers, as these have now been declared illegal and are faced with the question of how they should continue their business. This is where … Read more

Esports in times of Covid-19

While almost all major sporting events have been canceled due to the Covid-19 outbreak, gaming events and esports competitions around the world have also been affected by the continued spread of the coronavirus, so many events are now shifting to a purely online approach. Similar to other sporting events, esports tournaments and leagues include the … Read more