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Modern digitalization presents the sports betting industry with new challenges. It has never been more important for betting providers to be able to adapt to current trends and new requirements than today. However, to obtain such flexibility it is necessary to create the right framework. In order to question the status quo, create something new … Read more

Successful sports betting risk management

Risk management is the backbone of every sports betting operation. It makes running a betting company a viable business model rather than literal gambling. Trained bookmakers are able to adapt the range of leagues, events and types of betting to the target market. In addition, they have the task of managing the risk and thereby … Read more

Sports betting in the USA – the next big market?

In 2018, with the overthrow of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), the USA were given the opportunity to legalize sports betting. Previously, gambling and sports betting were effectively banned except for a few states (including Nevada). Since the legalization, the US has been transforming into the world’s fastest growing sports betting market … Read more

KYC processes in sports betting

In a market where customer data is the most valuable asset, it is often a major challenge for sports betting companies to ensure that it is handled professionally. As the sports betting market grows and matures exponentially, the topic of KYC remains relevant for operators. The big challenge is to use the right strategies to … Read more

The role of customer communication in sports betting

Professional and targeted communication with their own customers is of the utmost importance for companies in all industries. For building and maintaining a customer relationship, however, the way of communication is crucial, as it influences how satisfied the customer is and how good the relationship is that binds him to the company. This article will … Read more

Customer segmentation in sports betting

In the sports betting business, the relationship with the customer is essential for the success of a company. Every customer is different and unique – and that is how they want to be treated. This is true in marketing as well as in the offer of the sports betting platform. But as a sports betting … Read more

Player motivation: why do players bet?

A sports betting provider lives from its customers – because where there is no customer, there is no bet. But in order to be able to convince the customers of your own offer, it is important to know and understand the player motivation and why they bet. In this context, the main question is what … Read more

4 mistakes to avoid as a sports betting company

Becoming successful as a sports betting company these days is a challenge that few providers are up to. It is all the more important to avoid critical mistakes that could stand in the way of the success of your own operation. The following article highlights 4 of the most common mistakes betting companies make that … Read more

The sports betting platform for the regulated German market

With its entry into force on July 1, the State Treaty on Gambling between the 16 German federal states creates national framework conditions for the organization of gambling, including sports betting and online casinos.   Gambling has been a highly controversial topic in Germany for many years. Since the entry into force of the first … Read more