Sports betting business intelligence: How to set your marketing campaigns up for success

Proper planning and implementation of marketing campaigns is essential for the sustainable success of a sports betting company. Each betting operation has different phases, each of which requires its own marketing approach, e.g. winning new customers, reactivating the old customer base, managing high rollers, gaining market shares in strategic regions or countries, etc. The marketing … Read more

Synergies in the sports betting business Part 2: Partners

Nowadays, founding a sports betting company is a real feat that can hardly be managed alone. In order to assert oneself in the market, strategic partnerships are required – above all with platform providers and odds providers. In addition, it must be strategically assessed to what extent it makes sense to outsource certain processes, such … Read more

Merry Christmas from Arland

The year 2020 presented us all with unexpected challenges. Challenges that have driven us to adapt, to develop further and to break new ground. We are proud to have mastered this crisis so successfully as a team and as a family. We have been able to use the past months intensively to further develop our … Read more

Synergies in the sports betting business Part 1: Team

“A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product“This well-known quote from Richard Branson is of course particularly true for companies in the sports betting industry. The team represents the backbone of a sports betting company. It is the skills, knowledge and experience of the employees that contribute at least as … Read more

Sucessful marketing in the sports betting business

Efficient marketing represents both the path to success and a special challenge for sports betting providers. In addition to a correspondingly attractive sports betting offer, targeted advertising is essential for creating brand awareness and acquiring new customers. Note: The legal requirements for gambling advertising differ depending on the respective market and in many cases require … Read more

The software for the German license – Bookmaker NEXT

Sports betting has fully arrived in digitalization. More than ever, providers need to be able to adapt to rapidly changing trends; nowadays, it is no longer enough to simply start a sports betting platform to earn money. Flexibility, compliance and the ability to grow are the future of sports betting. With growing business and experience … Read more

KYC challenges for sports betting operators

In a market where customer data is the most valuable asset, ensuring that its security is maximised and KYC strategies are most impactful is often a challenge for sports betting companies. As the sports betting market grows and matures exponentially, the topic of KYC remains prevalent as operators seek to maximise security and engagement.  KYC is an abbreviation which … Read more

5 questions to ask yourself before starting your sports betting business

Every beginning is difficult – that’s also true for the sports betting business. That’s why as a prospective sports betting provider it is all the more important to ask the right questions right from the beginning in order to position yourself correctly. The following 5 questions form the basis for starting your successful sports betting … Read more

ARLAND supports new customers with Turnkey-promotion

While almost all major sporting events have been affected by Covid-19, the sports betting industry faces a serious challenge. The strong uncertainty in revenue makes it increasingly difficult for operators to make it through this challenging time. The ongoing corona crisis is not only affecting existing sports betting providers – it is also making the … Read more

The importance of a multi-market-strategy in times of COVID 19

With the second wave of the coronavirus, which has already led to renewed lockdowns in many countries, the challenges for the sports betting industry are entering the second round. Providers are again confronted with event cancellations, which can severely restrict the betting offer, as well as the access to local betting shops. It is therefore … Read more

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